Research funding

Below, we provide a summary of research funding received from external and internal research funding bodies (values are quoted at full economic cost). We would like to thank all funding agencies and project partners for their financial support. For a complete list of current and past research projects, please see University of Manchester research pages.

Research Council Funding:

As Principal Investigator:

UKRI Future Leader Fellowship , £1.57M

Terahertz, topology, technology: Realising the potential of nanoscale Dirac materials using near-field terahertz spectroscopy

July 2020 – July 2024

Philip Leverhulme Prize (PLP-2019-224), £100K

Terahertz spectroscopy and microscopy for electrical characterisation of advanced functional materials for device applications.

May 2020 – May 2022

Royal Society Research Award (RGS\R2\192072), £20K

Investigating spin-dependent transport in Dirac materials via magneto-terahertz spectroscopy

February 2020 – February 2021

EPSRC New Investigator Award (EP/S037438/1), £360K

Terahertz lights up the nanoscale: Exposing the ultrafast dynamics of Dirac systems using near-field spectroscopy

September 2019 – March 2022

Project Partners: University of Leeds, University of Regensburg, University of Oxford

As Co-Investigator:

EPSRC Programme Grant (EP/V001914/1), £7.67M

Nanoscale Advanced Materials Engineering (NAME)

July 2021 – June 2026

EPSRC Strategic Equipment Award (EP/T01914X/1), £1.42M

Cryogenic Ultrafast Scattering-type Terahertz-probe Optical-pump Microscopy (CUSTOM)

January 2020 – July 2022

Internal Research Funding:

As Principal Investigator:

University of Manchester-Toronto Pump-Priming Fund, £5K

April 2019 – March 2020

As Co-Investigator:

University of Manchester-Mexico Pump-Priming Fund, £25K

April 2019-March 2020